Dealing with the loss (of a loved one, in personal situations, of all kinds), is not easy or quick.
I am talking about that sense of loss of someone that’s close to you, or some traumatic change in circumstances or in yourself.

That sense of loss that’s deep inside the heart so much that sometimes you feel like you are not even walking. You feel like you are walking on air, in a vacuum. Because the pain is so great and the loss so deep that you are operating on auto-pilot through the days, weeks, months, and even years.

I just want you to know that you are not alone. Many of us have suffered great loss. Be mindful of yourself as best as you can.
Don’t try to grieve the way other people want you to. Give yourself permission and space to grieve in your own way.

Sometimes, I know in my times of loss, and I have been through many; My denial went on and on. I did not want to let go. I kept holding on to the memory of the person or situation long after.

I noticed that I started to develop unhealthy coping habits. That was because, for the most part, I wanted to “recover” or appear to recover. Because well meaning folks around me wanted me to be “well.”

Be careful of that. Remember that you are entitled to acknowledge the loss. You are entitled to feel grief it is a legitimate emotion; A legitimate state of the human soul.

Please let me encourage you this day that it is okay to allow yourself the time You need to grieve.
To grieve your way.

In the case of the passing of a loved one. It may have been days or many decades that someone has moved on. You miss them dearly. That is okay. Your love has extended and expanded beyond time. You will move on when it is the right time for you.

In the meantime, give yourself the space and permission to come to grips with what has happened so that you came come to acceptance of the situation in a real way. Always, hold on to your faith. Trust God or your spiritual source to keep you and to comfort you as only the divine source can.

Who knows how what you have been through can be a ray of light to someone else. Perhaps, your story of courage to endure can be the ray of light that someone else needs to hold on and to keep on living in hope.

The love that you have in your heart is eternal, that never goes away. Let your love blossom through this experience through Faith.

Blessings to you, Be well